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Since 2017, Your Site Storage has provided portable storage solutions to customers throughout Michigan. We specialize in sales & leasing of portable storage containers and accessories to Residential, Recreational, Agricultural, Commercial, and Industrial customers.

Our commitment to an honest, transparent, and professional approach sets us apart from many in the industry. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you!

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“I have a place in Evart. I needed a storage solution – I’m retired and we’re downsizing. We need space and my son needs storage as he’s active military and headed to Germany. I researched purchasing a container and was extremely frustrated that nearly all suppliers in Michigan won’t permit prior inspection and demand full payment up front. Repairs are negotiated and can be a nightmare. Then I found “Your Site Storage” and Ben. I was able to visit the site. I was able to inspect my selected conex prior to delivery. I was able to speak with Ben (owner) and his staff at purchase – and he personally delivered the unit. If you live anywhere in northern Michigan (north of m46) including the UP and need a storage solution, I HIGHLY recommend Ben and Your Site Storage.
Ben did not ask me to make a post. I posted this information because of my extremely positive experience with him and my belief that we need to promote local business. PLEASE feel free to contact me if you have questions about purchasing a conex container and I’ll gladly share my experience.” 

Fletcher Spears III